Awesome Find…

I am not a huge ‘blogger' … but, I love to share bits of wisdom and of course the cool tools that I find … anything to help our productivity and play a bit (right!)

Have to keep those creative juices flowing and of course, we can be playing on Facebook all the time …

Check out these fun tools for finding the right color pallets for your business:

  • One is Colorpeek – here's the link:
  • This has always been a great stand by as well – here's the link:
  • And, for MAC users this is *awesome* from Color Snapper – here's the link:
  • Another is Design Seeds – really handy and if you sign up you'll get emailed some very cool color combinations – here's their link:

If you have any cool color / design tools – or any great suggestions, I'd love to hear from you – just comment below: