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Virtual Partner Course + Membership Studio™

is for you if…

Course + Membership Studio™

You're a course creator looking to make your content stand out in the crowded market. But you don't want to do it by simply slapping on edgy graphics, or relying too heavily on conventional teaching methods like lectures and textbooks.
You need to know which content delivery design strategies are most effective in attracting, engaging, and supporting your perfect-fit students.
You want to learn how to use Instructional Design in your course design, delivery methods, and marketing strategies.
You're looking for a way out of the mundane classroom routine that has you bored stiff? This is it!

Great course content organization & design are essential for increased retention rates and profitability.

If you're looking to fill up a course, don't miss the opportunity of having and delivering an engaging and compelling course experience.

You can and it starts with great content and content delivery that will help you not only attract your desired audience but keep them engaged throughout your class/membership so they want more.

One way you can improve your students'/customer experience and engage them in learning more about what they need is through exceptional course content development design and delivery – which not only teach but also produce quality content for engagement.

HINTThe options for making your content more creative and engaging are endless! You can do this is by using the Instructional Design method and this workshop series.

You know your course content, you're ready to give your students the best experience ever, but you're unsure of how to make that happen.


This workshop will show you how to get your content out there quickly and easily!

Just 3 of the “how-to’s” we’ll cover that will make this workshop pay for itself!

  1. HOW TO OPTIMIZE AND ORGANIZE the content and delivery design of your course to increase engagement and retention.
  2. HOW TO REDUCE ghosting, churn, and
  3. HOW TO GET MORE sales, course completions, glowing reviews and repeat purchases.

How does that sound? Get Ready to Start NOW!

Course + Membership Studio™

Learn how to go from content delivery confusion and course building to launching your membership site in
4 weeks or less!

“Are you looking to provide engaging and digestible content for your online courses? Do you want to heighten student participation, as well as the satisfaction of those who take them, and reduce churn/refund rates?

If so, I am here with a solution.

In my Instructional Design Method workshops I teach how to create quality and difficult-to-resist course content in delivering education through digital platforms. We'll also focus on solving problems that students encounter such as boredom during lessons from poorly designed content.”

Phillis is probably one of the kindest, most helpful people I've ever encountered.

What I've loved so much about working with her on my course and membership is her ability to listen and provide extremely valuable insight, suggestions, and feedback. And she's incredibly patient in the process. Never any pressure, never any sign of frustration...just partnership.

Working with her is exactly what her company states. Working with Phillis and her team is literally like having a virtual partner. Someone to come alongside you...make sure you don't miss opportunities and who will see what you can't see. Priceless. You will be so glad you made the decision to partner with Virtual Partner!

Alicia Carter


Virtual Partner Course + Membership Studio™

Founding Member Workshops

Phillis Benson - Virtual Partner

Hi, Phillis Benson here!

I created the Virtual Partner Course + Membership Studio™ and this Founder's Workshops as an opportunity to collaborate with other course creators.

Because I, personally, know how daunting it can be when we are working on and in our own content - I created this workshop for fast-action takers who want their courses up & running now. 

In our live DWY - done with you workshops and sessions I will draw on more than a decade of experience as an online project manager, content creator, Course (LMS) & WordPress designer, web developer, and years of experience working with high-level clients!

During this workshop, you'll be able to come and ask any questions that have been nagging at your mind. You're not going to leave here without a clear understanding of whats and hows so don't worry about being left behind!

As a Founding member, you'll have access to me during the Workshop and in our Private group on Facebook.

Let's work together to make rapid progress on your course content, organization, delivery & design, so it looks and feels stunning, engaging for your students, stands out from the competition, sells like hotcakes, and supports your students to achieve the transformations they're seeking. Would you like that?


Is this your situation?

Webinar registrations & course sales are underwhelming

What can you do to stand out in a crowded marketplace?

Your offering is great and will help solve real problems for the people, but it’s virtually undiscoverable. What can you do to stand out in a crowded market?

Too many competing courses means yours is hard to find! We'll cover what you can do cut through all the noise and become discoverable again.

We’ll cover what you can do to cut through the noise and stand out!

Students are not making timely progress through your course.

The low completion rate of your course is not a good sign.

It's frustrating when students lose momentum and become inactive before making any real progress.

But what if the answer is as simple as using Instructional Design for your course content and delivery?

So, how to get them back on track? 

You’ll learn how to get them back on track using Instructional Design!

Students are requesting refunds for not re-enrolling in your programs

How do you keep students committed to your program?

Learn how to retain them with great content and course delivery! Focus on their learning style &  interests, needs, and goals. Catering the curriculum towards those will help prevent premature exits before they are able to reap what's been invested in them.

Get strategies for turning this around!

I've been fortunate enough to know Phillis for a long time now and love her work. Her attention to detail, professional manner, and impressive skillset makes it a no-brainer when it comes to hiring her.

I trust Phillis so much that I happily refer her to close friends as well as acquaintances who could use her service. You're in great hands with "Your Virtual Partner."

Kim Doyal

What’s different about Course + Membership Studio™?

It’s Done With You (DWY)

Those of you who have been a part of my group know that I insist on keeping the size small to ensure all members get their fair share, both from closer peer interaction and one-on-one guidance.

With a small group, you will have the opportunity to build relationships within our community. You won't get lost in the shuffle, which means no more wondering what's going on while your working on your course!

You won’t be left on your own to design the online course content that works for your students. You’ll get instruction, ideas, and feedback so you can create a profitable course with engaging content students will enjoy completing!

  Let’s get your Course done and explore a backend membership.

The VIP Fast-Action Bonus!

In order to get the workshop filled fast so we can get you on your way to creating your course, I am making a limited offer for Founding Member VIPs who sign up by March 5th: an extra 1:1 Course + Membership assessment with me to really drill down in areas where you need extra help.

I’d like to be able to offer everyone immediate help, but I can only accommodate so many in my schedule – so the 1:1 assessment will be scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.

Founding Members Investment:

$497 Fast Action Investment (ends March 19th)

    $697 VIP Fast Action Investment (ends March 15th)

    *payment plans available CLICK Here

    *Once this Founding Members Opportunity ends,
    the enrollment investment will go to its regular price of $1,497

    Phillis immediately jumped in to help me when I was floundering in a mish-mash of 'do it myself' technology overwhelm. I was also looking for advice on growing making my small existing membership to make it much more user-friendly.

    Her in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in creating memberships and programs in both her own business and for others really shone through. Her friendly and calm advice and reassurance set me at ease and we worked through together what she could best help with as well as helping to upskill me in the things I could do myself moving forward.

    Phillis really helped me get clarity on what next steps would best allow me to reduce the overwhelm I was feeling and set myself, my clients, and my members up for growth and success.

    I felt a lot more confident and more empowered after our sessions together and I'm really looking forward to working with Phillis again on an upcoming online conference project.

    Tania Moloney

    Join as a VIP Founder and get the 1:1 Course + Membership private assessment with me ($650 value)

    What's Inside
    Virtual  Partner Course + Membership Studio™

    Done With You – let’s get your course done + explore a backend membership

    4 Workshop Modules + Bonuses over 4 weeks
    see you live on March 21st

    Weekly Q&A “idea incubator” sessions
    aka Deep Dives ($900 value)

    Guest Experts
    special guests – instructors and speakers

    Audit of your Course + Membership
    review of content and layout ($450 value)

    Access to all of the workshops, calls, and bonuses
    once it launches ($850 value)

    Private Group – open now
    4-months membership ($268 value)

    Pre & Post Assessments
    progress indicators

    Surprise Bonuses
    are known to happen!

    Course + Membership Studio™ Success Path
    • VIP Fast Action Bonus closes March 15th

    • Fast Action Investment ends March 19th

    • 1:1 Onboarding & Pre-assessment March 1 – 21st

    • Immediate Private Membership Access

    Phillis has helped me to get my course content from good to GREAT! She is such a WEALTH of knowledge and has a tremendous understanding of ALL that's out there in this world of digital courses. Phillis is also extremely well connected and she ALWAYS seems to know who and what resources I need to accomplish my task. Couple that with her years and years of experience, it's easy to see how she can execute and help me to deliver awesome results. I am soo grateful to have worked with Phillis and pre-launched my very first course to a list of 55. 8 students registered and I grossed $5,800. Had it not been for Phillis, I would STILL be in paralysis analysis. I cannot wait to build my list and REALLY launch the course with Phillis' help and guidance!!

    Rachel Gainsbrugh

    Join as a VIP Founder and get the 1:1 Course + Membership private assessment with me ($650 value)

    Curriculum + Collaboration

    Course Organization the Brief

    Course + Membership Studio™

    Curriculum + Collaboration

    Course + Membership Studio™ is not just about content development and delivery using Instructional Design but will also help you to organize, design & deliver learning experiences that are visually cohesive, easy for the student to digest and retain information. Furthermore, they'll be stunning (we got this).

    Course+MembershipStudio™ has everything a course creator needs in one place- from instructional design templates such as storyboards or lesson plans all the way through leading-edge technology  and tools so your lessons can come alive

    This workshop is also about using great content organization and delivery design to help students learn, so they complete your courses and buy more of them. It borrows insights from Instructional Design techniques

    This workshop offers a variety of strategies for delivering quality content in an engaging way that will have the student completing all their modules with ease. You'll get some practical tips on how best to use visuals as well as discussion boards and quizzes at different points throughout this workshop series!

    And beyond the curriculum, as a founding member, you get highly engaged Q&A Idea Incubator sessions and VIPs will get 1:1 sessions with me.

    Imagine having your very own instructional design coach for the next two months to help you get ahead of the game and fast-track your course & membership development. Can't go wrong with that!

    Course Organization the Brief

    Organize & Create (content outline)

    Throughout the Course + Membership Studio™

    ✓ Pre & Post Assessments

    1:1 Onboarding (strategy call)

    4-months in the Private Membership

    ✓ Guest Instructors and Speakers

    ✓ Special Bonuses

    Workshop – Module 1 – Your COURSE

    Workshop – Module 2 – MODULES & LESSONS

    Workshop – Module 3 – TOPICS

    Workshop – Module 4 – QUIZZES & GAMIFICATION

    Course + Membership Studio™

    Curriculum + Collaboration

    Course Course Workshops' Modules

    Course + Membership Studio™ Module One

    Workshop – Module 01:

    Course (your course)

    Week one

    Analysis – pre-assessment review

    Design – REVIEW Instructional Design components

    Organize – your content (or content outline)

    Deep Dive – “idea incubator' & feedback session

    + surprise bonus

    Workshop – Module 02: 

    Topics, Modules & Lessons (organization)

    Week two

    Design – outline review & implementation

    Develop – topics, modules & lessons content

    Deep Dive “idea incubator' & feedback session

    + surprise bonus

    Course + Membership Studio™ Module Two
    Course + Membership Studio™ Module Three

    Workshop – Module 3:

    Course (delivery & flow)

    Week three

    Implementation – delivery platform

    pull together modules & lessons

    Evaluate – test & adjust

    Deep Dive “idea incubator' & feedback session

    + surprise bonus

    Workshop – Module 4:

    Quizzes & Gamification (engagement)

    Week four

    Engagement – develop & refine quizzes

    – explore levels of gamification

    Evaluate – test some more & launch your program!

    Deep Dive “idea incubator' & feedback session

    + surprise bonus & schedule your post-assessment

    Course + Membership Studio™ Module Four

    Phillis is amazing at getting to the heart of an issue and finding creative but practical ways to address them with immediate wins. Her technical knowledge of software and systems is unmatched and she provides clarity on a situation within minutes and walks you through the tools you need to handle any issue.

    When I started creating my course, I was all over the place with ideas and resources then Phillis was able to get me settled and focussed on the things that I needed to do by helping me create a proper framework and specifically assisting me to work out my tech needs so that I could focus on content creation for my project. She is a complete BOSS and I am so grateful that I connected with her.  Thank you Phillis!

    Ophellia McKnight

    Join as a VIP Founder and get the 1:1 Course + Membership private assessment with me ($650 value)


    What kind of business is Course + Membership Studio™ meant for?

    You’re a creative course creator looking to introduce people in your field with proven content delivery strategies so they can stand out. The problem is there are many other providers that offer similar products and services, which means you have competition on all sides!

    You’ve been searching for the best way to attract, engage and support your perfect-fit students. You might be wondering what content delivery strategies work best in today's digital world of information overload? What are some different styles that will help you stand out from other brands or institutions with similar offerings?

    You want to learn how Instructional Design can be used in innovative and creative ways, such as designing a course or promoting it.

    You want to know which content delivery design strategies and tactics work best so that you can attract, engage, and support your perfect-fit students.

    How is Course + Membership Studio™ different from other programs/courses that are similar?

    This is a full DWY – Done With You vs. just videos and examples!

    Those of you who have been a part of my group know that I insist on keeping the size small to ensure all members get their fair share, both from closer peer interaction and one-on-one guidance.

    With a small group, you will have the opportunity to build relationships within our community. You won't get lost in the shuffle, which means no more wondering what's going on while your working on your course!

    You won’t be left on your own to design the online course content that works for your students. You’ll get instruction, ideas, and feedback so you can create a profitable course with engaging content students will enjoy completing!

    What is course development & delivery using Instructional Design?

    The goal of all learning: Expertise.

    Instructional Design, therefore, they point out, must be such that learners develop ‘conceptually rich and organized representations of knowledge that resist forgetting, can be retrieved automatically and can be applied flexibly across tasks and situations.

    Those who design instructional systems, therefore, must keep that goal in mind as they create their system.

    In this Workshop (course) we'll explore some basic principles of effective Instructional Systems Design (ISD).

     Instructional Design Should Proceed At An Efficient Pace

    Instructional Design Should Contextualise Information

    Design Your Course To Be Learner Community-Based

    Include Opportunities For Students To Produce Original Content

    Create Fair, Well-Thought-Out Evaluation Tools Administered At The Proper Time

    Does the Course + Membership Studio™ teach you how to create a course?

    Yes, Yes and YES…

    From organizing and content development to choosing the best LMS platform (Learning Management System) as well as the best tool(s) for supporting your course/membership marketing efforts.

    What’s included in the Founding Member's Course + Membership Studio™?

    ✓ Pre & Post Assessments

    ✓ 4 Workshop Modules + Bonuses over 8 weeks

    ✓ Weekly Q&A “idea incubator” sessions

    1:1 Onboarding (strategy call)

    ✓ 4-months in the Private Membership

    ✓ Guest Instructors and Speakers

    ✓ Special Bonuses

    Workshop Module 1 – Your COURSE

    Workshop Module 2 – MODULES & LESSONS

    Workshop Module 3 – TOPICS

    Workshop Module 4 – QUIZZES & GAMIFICATION

    and, the full course once it opens in September!

    What exactly is a Founding Member? And, how is that different than a regular member?

    As a Founding Member of the Course + Membership Studio™ you'll not only:

    Receive a deep discount for the Workshop series

    You'll also enjoy a small community of like-minded course/membership creators

    Have meaningful collaborative & 1:1 feedback

    Accountability to push you forward into getting your course ready for your students to join

    Special guest instructors (not just anyone but folks that can help you in different aspects; from Social, marketing, email content, community development, graphics, and more…

    Extra support in the full membership community

    Full access to the entire course – beyond the Founding Members Workshop

    and, more…

    What if I don't use or plan on using your suggested LMS/delivery platform. Will this work for me?

    While I am a huge fan of some great LMS platforms (Learning Management Systems),  what I teach in Instructional Design is not dependant on any specific platform.

    And, yes we'll go over all the tools that I use and know of. That way I can help you make an informed decision that will be budget and time-friendly, based on your needs of course!

    Join the Community

    Important Dates

    ➥Important Dates

     VIP Fast Action Bonus closes June 28th

    Fast Action Investment ends June 30th

    1:1 Onboarding & Pre-assessment July 7 – 19th

    Immediate Private Membership Access

    Workshops Starts July 12th

    Guarantee - Refunds

    Purchases are only Refundable until after our 1:1 Onboarding (if during the Onboarding you feel that you'd like to pause or back-out that's very understandable – you just need to let me know!

    Please understand that the Onboarding is not just a getting to know you chat but, will also be a deeper understanding about your course/membership and how I can help you get it organized and ready for your students/clients to have a great user experience!

    By purchasing, you understand there are absolutely no refunds after your 1:1 Onboarding with me.

    Terms & Disclaimers

    Your success depends entirely on your own effort, motivation, commitment, and follow-through. I/we cannot predict and we do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result, and you accept and understand that results differ for each individual. Each individual's results depend on his/her unique background, dedication, desire, motivation, actions, and numerous other factors.

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    I/we present testimonials and insights about other people's experiences with my Website for purposes of illustration only. The testimonials, examples, and photos used are of actual clients. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible for illustrative purposes only.

    Go here to read our Terms and Conditions:

    Terms and Conditions Website

    Terms and Conditions Memberships & Course

    Still Have Questions?

    Happy to schedule a chat – please use this link:

    I can't say enough about Phillis Benson as a true virtual partner. I can attest that Word Press site development, online marketing strategies, eComm and CRM tool integration using Active Campaign are her true superpowers. I'm the creative type. I have no problem creating marketing materials and products. But the flip side is I've also been a complete technophobe. Just hearing the term "code" makes me squeamish. And to me, a website's "back end" sounded like something straight out of The Matrix. In fact, before working with Phillis, I was pretty doubtful that an attractive website – much less an e-commerce site – would happen. And if it did, I would never understand it enough to be able to edit it on my own. But Phillis has the patience of a saint ... and with her coaching and quick how-to videos, I'm getting the hang of it.

    My site is now live, complete with a Quiz, Blog, and Product pages, a Shop page that features 8 products (which contain 38 pieces in all). Phillis has set up the all-important CRM integrations with Active Campaign, hooking up an 18-email funnel sequence, so I can get my product launch off the ground in the way I want – AND keep my "launch newbie" stress level low (her experience has a real calming effect). She's very analytical when it comes to marketing integrations, what actions need to happen and in what order, and sets things up so they work for you now and into the future.

    One more thing that needs mentioning: Phillis pays careful attention to the user experience, and has helped me simplify things and, as they say, "get out of my own way."

    Ila Scott-Ford

    Join as a VIP Founder and get the 1:1 Course + Membership private assessment with me ($650 value)