Learn how to go from content delivery confusion and course building to launching your membership site in
4 weeks or less!

“Are you looking to provide engaging and digestible content for your online courses? Do you want to heighten student participation, as well as the satisfaction of those who take them, and reduce churn/refund rates?

If so, I am here with a solution.

In my Instructional Design Method workshops I teach how to create quality and difficult-to-resist course content in delivering education through digital platforms. We'll also focus on solving problems that students encounter such as boredom during lessons from poorly designed content.”

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Phillis is amazing at getting to the heart of an issue and finding creative but practical ways to address them with immediate wins. Her technical knowledge of software and systems is unmatched and she provides clarity on a situation within minutes and walks you through the tools you need to handle any issue.

When I started creating my course, I was all over the place with ideas and resources then Phillis was able to get me settled and focussed on the things that I needed to do by helping me create a proper framework and specifically assisting me to work out my tech needs so that I could focus on content creation for my project. She is a complete BOSS and I am so grateful that I connected with her.  Thank you Phillis!

Ophellia McKnight


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I've been fortunate enough to know Phillis for a long time now and love her work. Her attention to detail, professional manner, and impressive skillset makes it a no-brainer when it comes to hiring her.

I trust Phillis so much that I happily refer her to close friends as well as acquaintances who could use her service. You're in great hands with "Your Virtual Partner."

Kim Doyal


Course Organization the Brief

Organize & Create (content outline)

Throughout the Course + Membership Studio™

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Workshop Module 1 – Your COURSE

Workshop Module 2 – MODULES & LESSONS

Workshop Module 3 – TOPICS

Workshop Module 4 – QUIZZES & GAMIFICATION

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4 Workshop Modules + Bonuses over 4 weeks
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Guest Experts
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Audit of your Course + Membership
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Pre & Post Assessments
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Surprise Bonuses
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Additional Workshops

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✓ Build (LMS – platform-tools)

✓ Sell (marketing)

✓ Deliver (teach)

✓ Engage (more content/upsell packages/membership)

Phillis immediately jumped in to help me when I was floundering in a mish-mash of 'do it myself' technology overwhelm. I was also looking for advice on growing making my small existing membership to make it much more user-friendly.

Her in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in creating memberships and programs in both her own business and for others really shone through. Her friendly and calm advice and reassurance set me at ease and we worked through together what she could best help with as well as helping to upskill me in the things I could do myself moving forward.

Phillis really helped me get clarity on what next steps would best allow me to reduce the overwhelm I was feeling and set myself, my clients, and my members up for growth and success.

I felt a lot more confident and more empowered after our sessions together and I'm really looking forward to working with Phillis again on an upcoming online conference project.

Tania Moloney