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Phillis Benson – Virtual Business Manager
Online Business & WordPress Strategist

pop art meHey there, I’m glad you stopped by. I’m Phillis Benson, the founder, Chief Rock Star, Virtual Business Manager, lead project manager, and creative problem solver – making sure project specifications and deadlines are met here at Virtual Partner.

I believe it’s essential to align all aspects of the organization and assist my clients in creating strategies that work for them. I work with each client to build a deep, trust-based partnership, which often continues for years, and in some cases decades.

My Virtual Management work is based on a few powerful and pragmatic principles tested and refined over many years of coaching, consulting and research. My formal education includes a degree in Business, as well as additional degrees in Human Resource Management and Sociology – all of which I use on a daily basis to add value to my clients. And, because I love technology so much, I’ve completed courses of study and hold several certifications. As a perpetual student of the topic, I belong to groups dedicated to sharing the latest solutions.

My clients use my knowledge and expertise in Web design, WordPress, Infusionsoft, OntraPort and Management Information Systems, among others, to generate growth in their business. Clients have been known to call me “The WordPress Website Whisperer!”

How am I different from any other business & project manager?

I am your Virtual Partner.
I “listen and partner,” rather than “analyze and tell.” 
I help unleash the energy and creativity to develop solutions that my clients are excited by and that they can commit to. 
I have a strong bias for action—creating change through working directly on delivering bottom-line impact.

Hence, my business name Virtual Partner – as I am indeed your Partner!

I’ve held various Project Management and Project Administrator positions throughout my working life and have happily transitioned into a life of Virtual Business Management, strategic coaching and consulting. I care about the success of each of my clients because it brings me joy to be part of a community larger than myself.

  Phillis Benson Virtual Business ManagerPhillis Benson Virtual Business Manager
Contributing Author: 
30 Ways to Bloom Your Online Relationships: Say No to the Glorification of More and Deepen Your Existing Connections InsteadPhillis Benson Virtual Business Manager  


Virtual Business Manager, Online Business & WordPress Strategist

‘She brings her joy for life, an eye to details, and a zest to do and be the best.’  Mary Smith-Brown

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Certifications (a few of them!)

WP Elevation WordPress Certification



Yoast SEO Certification
WP Elevation Certified Digital Business Consultant
Yoast SEO Certification
Yoast SEO Certification


Internet Marketing Expert Phillis Benson Virtual Business Manager
Social Media Expert Phillis Benson Virtual Business Manager
Product Launch Expert Phillis Benson Virtual Business Manager
Facebook Expert Phillis Benson Virtual Business Manager
Online Video Expert Phillis Benson Virtual Business Manager
Project Manager Expert Phillis Benson Virtual Business Manager
Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs
Assn of Web Entrepreneurs
Phillis Benson Virtual Business Manager
Quantum Success Coaching Academy Certified Coach




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