Virtual Partner Website Monitoring Service

So, your day begins … It’s a beautiful morning … you’re ready to launch some more fabulous services for your clients … you sit down at your computer …


… and …


Website Monitoring Service



your WordPress site is down

You can’t logon — nope, nada, no luck …

What the #@!

Website Monitoring Service


Website Monitoring Service

You have broken purchase links that are causing lost salesReally, lost sales!? I am so tired of this!

You’ve been hacked and now have SPAM on all of your blog posts … Geez how do I stop that from happening and how do I clean things up? Like yesterday!

Website Monitoring ServiceYou now have unhappy clients – they can’t access their membership materials and other downloads … Man, this is NOT good! How do I make this STOP?

Your favorite plugins aren’t workingNo way – I love my plugins.

NOW what are you going to do?


Website Monitoring Service

I’d be reaching for the aspirin bottle for sure. 

But wait — you had the forethought of securing the Virtual Partner Website Monitoring Service … or did you?

It’s not too late – you can sign up now and go to bed knowing that your site is being monitored and all of the website nightmares are being taken care of for you.

I know product development and marketing, but I’m not technical at all. So as a start up business, I rely on Virtual Partner to develop and monitor my website. First impressions are key for any business, and since I just launched my website, it’s critical that my visitors have a great experience their first time here. It would be potentially devastating if links were broken and customers couldn’t get their downloads they signed up for, my site was slow, or customers started getting spam. With Virtual Partner watching over the site, I don’t give these things a second thought.Ila Scott-Ford -

Let Virtual Partner Help You Stay In Business

So, how does this work and what is my investment you ask?  
Great question!

With the @VP Website Monitoring Package, you’ll have the peace of mind that your business is being taken care of (even while you sleep or on that much needed vacation) – no need to worry about broken links & SPAM or other website issues.

And if you have the skills and experience to monitor your own website, you can turn it over to us and free up your time to focus on your business …

Phillis Benson has been handling all issues concerning my WordPress website as well as my client care issues for the better part of a year now. I’m excited that she is now also creating a new site for me, including specific systems to handle my client needs. @VP is also monitoring my site – removing SPAM and keeping all the links up-to-date and making sure that everything is working for me.  A great service and everyone should take advantage of this ‘peace of mind‘.Tomar Levine

Website Monitoring Service - Helping You Stay Online


First – We start off with an initial consultation (a $350 value) and a look-see at your site and the backend – just to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that you have all of your plugins, theme and widgets up to date and running smoothly!

Then we’ll follow this format for the Website Monitoring Service and monthly reporting: 

  • Create Reliable Backups
  • Check on your Website Performance with Scans and do the following:
    • Mass remove spam comments
    • Update post revisions
    • Optimize WP database
    • Do Updates to Plugins and Theme
  • Monitoring & Alerts
    • Website Performance Scan
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Traffic Alerts
  • Security Focused – removing bad IP addresses (hackers) and spam
  • Monthly emailed reporting

What this service does is provide:

  • Monitoring of your site(s)
  • Quick action email notification if something does goes wrong with your site
  • Monthly status report (update about the fixes and changes to the backend of your site)
  • As well as making sure that your site is fully optimized
  • And, your full site review (value $350) so that we have the full scope of your website’s inner workings!

I’m offering this service to everyone, not just my private clients, because my Monthly (private) Clients love the ‘peace of mind’ service so much and keep they keep telling others about it — hence a stand-alone offer has been produced just for you.[/su_note]

Got Questions – I’ve Got Answers

Questions & Answers

Also, our ‘Monthly’ Virtual Business Manager clients get this full service as a part of their monthly package.

Contact us today!  We’d love to be your Virtual Partner Business Manager!

We're Open

3 Investment plans to choose from!

All Plans Include: Initial Site Review Consultation (value $350), monitoring agreement with monthly reporting activities on your site and Quick Action emails detailing issues that need to be taken care of beyond the monitoring agreement. 

  • $117/month – every month – 6 month minimum.
  • SAVE $120  6-month Plan – $582 – every 6 months.
  • SAVE $440  12-month Plan – $964 – yearly.

SAVE $440 by purchasing a 12-month subscription $964 and never have to have website worries or give them a second thought for an entire year.

This investment of $97/month (12-month plan) could possible save you $1,000 of dollars (or more) down the road.

3 Investment plans to choose from!

Remember you can SAVE $440 by purchasing a 12-month subscription $964

After you’ve made your selection we’ll schedule an appointment by phone or Skype to go through your site and get the monitoring setup.

Have more than one site – there is a volume break! Just shoot us an email: Hello [@] 

SUBJ: Website Monitoring Volume Pricing (we’ll set that up for you!)

@VP has saved me many hours of downtime, maintenance,  removing SPAM and fixing each and every broken link & page. I can always count on VP to keep my site clean and running smoothly!Sara Selber

I just can’t imagine not having the Website Monitoring Service – what a fabulous service and the VP team never fails to live up to their name!Guy Oliver

Virtual Partner Website Monitoring Service!

We can’t wait to bring you the peace of mind you deserve…
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