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Online Business Strategist & Virtual Concierge

I want you to love what you do and feel excited about the shape of your future.

My services and strategy sessions are designed to get you moving and ready to take your business to the next level.

Phillis Benson Virtual Partner


How Could Your Business Improve
If You Had 4 Extra Hours In Your Week?


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What could you accomplish in your business if you had 4 more hours in a week?

Hours where nobody was waiting on your approval for a client project, or needing your attention to resolve a customer support issue. 

That’s what it’s like to have a Virtual Partner Online Business Strategist. Someone who keeps the balls in the air and helps you figure out which tasks to keep for yourself (the ones bringing you the most joy and revenue) and which ones to toss to your Virtual Partner.


What is the one success strategy that focused business owners use to make their dreams happen— that you can use, too?

You’re a smart business owner. You know the best way to serve your customers. You may have been doing just fine for a few years, but now you feel stuck or are falling behind. Well, you’ve come to the right place, because the #1 thing that successful business owners do to make their dreams a reality, is they stop trying to do it all on their own—and get a partner. 

You can bring in a partner without giving up equity in your business—a Virtual Partner.

Whether you’re trying to keep up with the latest online marketing trends or are struggling to keep your website up-to-date, having Virtual Partner help with the heavy lifting will free up time and energy for you to tackle the bigger projects that bring real success.


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Phillis Benson is a Partner like none other. She will help you manage your time, your business, and your life!

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I greatly admire Phillis’ ability to drill into a person’s current processes in order to identify where you are in your business and how you can maximize your time, resources, and cash.