It takes a skilled and committed team to put on a live event.

Phillis stepped in as Project Manager and Event Support 2 months before my first live event and I couldn't have done it without her. In fact, she saved the day so many times.

I love her organized mind and her attention to the details. Definitely a great partner and team player!

Rebecca Skeele

Rebecca E. Skeele

I am in the beginning stages of building my website, creating copy and structure on my website, and getting mailing lists going. Having the opportunity to gain wisdom and guidance from Phillis was extremely helpful.

She took the time to deeply review my site and then offered me an array of things to think about implementing.

She even took the time to send me some reference material after the call, twice!

Thank you for your effort, your time and especially you heart in your work. It really shows in your words and actions. I am grateful for the experience.

Brenda Mailer

Seabright Spirit

Phillis has excellent knowledge with website design, her turnaround time is prompt, dedicated and her work is done with a high degree of integrity. 

Falicity Faith

Life Coach

Phillis is a professional that I can always count on to be abreast of all the latest technological trends.

She is nothing less than AMAZING! I am grateful to Phillis and, I know I will be hiring her team in the future to assist me with my next big launch!

Maryann Candito

Phillis REALLY helped me out! I had a program launching and didn’t know exactly how to set it up the way I wanted it to work. I had 170+ people I didn’t want to go back to and tell them to resign up.

I am blown away by her knowledge.  You know she’s on your side, and that is the type of person I like to work with.  As a coach, that is very freeing!

Money Money Money

I greatly admire Phillis' ability to drill into a persons current processes in order to identify where you are in your business and how you can maximize your time, resources and cash.

In this way she helps you grow your business with more clarity, purpose and planning. 

Bambi Corso

International Life Purpose Specialist

I'm SO glad I met Phillis. She's also helped push me in getting my product development deadlines met. And she continues to add value by sharing tips and “finds” that she knows can help me.

Phillis is amazing to work with. I couldn't be happier. And my launch is just around the corner. Without her, I'm absolutely 100% positive my launch would be still lingering for another year … or more. 

Ila Scott-Ford

Let Family Know™

Phillis Benson is a Partner like none other. She will help you manage your time, your business and your life!  She teaches you the “How to” along with being a master at taking care of everything for you.

I highly recommend Phillis!

Georgia Lee London

ZENgevity Fitness