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Virtual Partner Concierge Services


Virtual Partner Concierge Services

There are three things you can do now, to reach the next level of success: automate your business, leverage your expertise and get your business found online! As an experienced Virtual Business Manager and Techie Wiz, I can manage those for you.

If you're like other clients, you are completely overwhelmed by all the Internet marketing information available—you may even have signed up for awesome courses—and still have no idea where to begin to market your service business online?

Virtual Partner is a one-stop shop for strategic Internet marketing solutions, so you can stop looking and start doing!

If you could wave a magic wand and have all of the day-to-day Internet marketing details of your coaching/consulting/speaking business expertly handled, enabling you to get more clients online, what difference would that make for you?

I want you to close your eyes for a minute and imagine the amazing shift Virtual Partner could make in how you run your business. You could finally spend much less time working IN your business and much more time working ON your business.

The net result could have you earning more profit with less of your time! And most of all—you could end the daily stress of watching time pass without you reaching your goals.

How can you make it happen?

By using Virtual Partner Concierge Services!

Over the years, I've found that most of my clients don't have the energy, desire, or know-how to personally handle the technical (back-end) mechanics of making their site sell. As your Virtual Partner, I'll set up and manage your online systems so you don't waste your valuable time trying to figure it all out.

If you did an online search, you'd see there are many, many virtual assistants out there – but not a lot of highly skilled Virtual Partners.

I discovered early on that I loved the Business and Project Management end of what I do for clients. And my clients have found me to be an invaluable business strategy and idea generator because I stay on top of what's new and happening in the Internet marketing and business technology world. I can instinctively determine the best way to apply new strategies to your business.

I'll treat your business as if it were my own . . .

Over the years I naturally gravitated to Virtual Project Management, and now, I focus almost exclusively on Internet Virtual Management strategies for my clients. I'm like the Chief Management Officer for your business, helping you create and implement your online marketing, planning, and strategy

Here's a quick overview of how I work with my clients:


I first understand their business goals.


I get a big-picture overview of how the business is running.


I assess what's currently working well and what needs to work better.


I spot where there are holes in systems, business opportunities that might not be seen, and marketing strategies that are untapped – and provide a lot of ideas for future business direction and growth.


I establish structures to make their businesses run more smoothly and automatically, such as SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) and other process documentation.

How much more profitable might your business be with a collaborative Virtual Partner like me taking this critical, strategic work off your plate?