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Virtual Partner Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit Services

The benefits of having a complete customer relationship management (CRM) system.

We provide value by implementing some strong features to help streamline operations as well as optimize resources through insightful analyzing on data collected from all aspects within an organization's interactions with its customers – both current or former ones!

Virtual Partner Marketing Automation – The Process

First, we would like to schedule a call with you, so we can go a bit deeper to understand your business needs and get a snapshot of where you are today, where you'd like to be and how robust we can be to get you to your end goal(s).

After we talk, we'll send you a short form to fill out, going over what we've discussed and asking you to go deep with what you desire for a great CRM experience.

Once I have your form I'll then do some research and schedule another call to go over my recommendations that will work for you, your business(es), and your budget (both $ and time).

Ready to schedule a call – wonderful, you can do so by signing up for a Virtual Partner Marketing Automation consultation.