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Entrepreneur Resource Virtual Partner

eLearning Development & Design Success
Using Instructional Design

Entrepreneur Resource Virtual Partner

Instructional Design Mini-Workshop on Courses and Memberships Structure:


  • Live Workshop
  • Q&A Time
  • Two Dates/Times to Choose From (TBA)
  • Recording + PDF in a special Searchie hub/portal
VP Strategies

Are your students not making timely progress through your course?

Are you looking to provide engaging and digestible content for your online courses?

VP Strategies

Do you want to heighten student participation, as well as the satisfaction of those who take them, and reduce churn/refund rates?

Join me in my entrepreneur resource Virtual Partner mini-workshop and see how my Instructional Design Method can help. You'll see how I teach my students the following:

  • How to create quality and difficult-to-resist course content in delivering education through digital platforms.
  • We'll also focus on solving problems that students encounter such as boredom during lessons from poorly designed content.


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